Hello, Everyone! I’d like to apologize for my hiatus from the blog for the past few months. Life has been very busy (TOO busy), but exciting nonetheless. Since I last updated, a lot of things have happened: I got engaged, I started a B2 German course, Molly had surgery, I’ve traveled several times, and I recently resigned from my job. I’ll dive into some of that in a moment, but I want to first let you know that I will indeed be continuing the blog on a regular basis once again, and I am very happy to again be able to do so!

First, the engagement. My boyfriend and I took a last-minute trip to Rheinsberg over the long Easter weekend back in April, and that Saturday evening, he popped the question. It was the perfect setting: sunset, in front of a castle on the water, and not another soul in sight. It was peaceful, beautiful, and romantic.

We plan to get married next spring in Berlin, and we’ve already booked our event site. I could write quite a lot regarding the complications involved with planning a wedding as an expat, but that’s for another post!

17973722_1305668666169129_5533067759329813266_oRheinsberg Castle (Photo credit: Volker Petersen)


As I mentioned, I recently resigned from a job. After a lot of discussion and research, my fiancé and I came to the conclusion that in order to really be successful long-term in my career in Germany, I needed to focus on my German, and working full-time plus taking an intensive German course for three hours every night after work was not working for me. I didn’t have enough time to apply myself to my course, and I was exhausted. Therefore, I am spending the next couple of months studying German. Wish me luck!

Lastly, I’ll share just a little bit about my travels in the last few months. As you already read, we went to lovely Rheinsberg back in April, which is just a short two hour trip by train from Berlin. It’s a quaint, very quiet little town which is perfect for a day trip from the city or a quiet weekend away. We enjoyed it very much, but were disappointed that so much was closed since it was a holiday weekend. Nevertheless, we hope to go back another time.

Over the past month, I’ve taken three weekend trips away. The first was to Hagen in North Rhine Westfalia (Western Germany) for our friends’ wedding. The second was to the Hague in the Netherlands to visit some good friends of mine whom I met during my time in Tampa (one of them is living there), and the third was to the French Alps to visit my parents (they were visiting some friends whom have moved there). Enjoy some photos from the latter two trips below!


The Hague, Netherlands:



Pollieu and Chanaz, France